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Stage vs. Clinical Hypnosis

What is the difference between stage hypnosis and clinical hypnosis?

Stage hypnosis primary goal is to entertain an audience by inticing volunteers to act out silly behaviors or stunts under the guidance of a stage hypnotist. All too frequently, the subjects have been drinking, and are eager to volunteer as a way to be in the spotlight. Unfortunately, stage hypnosis, is often seen as humiliating its subjects to get a laugh, and has therefore undermined the credibility and therapeutic benefits of clinical hypnosis.

In stark contrast, clinical hypnosis is a widely practiced, highly successful form of brief-term therapy for treating a vast array of psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual problems. It is done as a private, one-on-one, collaborative and interactive therapeutic process that takes place in a safe, comfortable, controlled setting. Each session, the client is placed into a natural state of focused relaxation and calmness for therapeutic purposes. With the help of directed dialogue, and the application of various hypnotic suggestions and techniques, the client starts to move beyond their fears and limitations, and towards achieving their specific goals for lasting self-improvement.

During your first session, I assess your suggestibility - that is, your primary mode for interpreting what you're told - and then, based on that assessment, provide a series of induction and deepening techniques to condition your mind to go into hypnosis and to intensify that state. I also issue post-hypnotic suggestions to enable you to go under more easily on subsequent occasions.

Once under, your body de-stresses, recharges, and achieves restfulness. At the same time, your mind becomes peaceful and calm, attaining heightened self-awareness and inward focus, expanded creativity and enhanced imagination. This is an ideal state for creating positive change.

The mind/body system can not maintain contradictory states simultaneously. For example, you can't be both angry and content at the same time. So once hypnosis is induced, negative emotional states dissolve as an overall sense of well-being and comfort replace them. In this state, your subconscious mind, the seat of motivation, is highly receptive to the positive suggestions strongly implanted within it.

Working with a hypnotherapist is like working with a personal trainer for the mind. While you derive great benefit from the techniques utilized during the actual sessions, the more often you practice what you learned in between sessions, using the tapes I provide at no additional cost, the more quickly and dramatically you realize lasting results.

This is because your mind works according to the law of repetition. Suggestions given to it repeatedly take deeper root and develop more fully and more quickly, creating new feelings, thoughts, attitudes, desires, and beliefs that replace the old ones. What bubbles up to consciousness is a strong motivational drive to achieve your specific goals through consistent, positive action.